How to the Best 4 Magical Numbers for Your Win in Matka

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Kalyan Matka

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๐Ÿ‘‰5 Time Pass Only 1 Fail
๐Ÿ‘‰6 Time Total Week Pass

3-6-8-0โœ–๏ธ(07/12/2020) 579-12-138
3-9-5-1โœ…(08/12/2020) 226-01-146
9-4-6-2โœ…(09/12/2020) 666-89-270
2-7-9-4โœ…(10/12/2020) 377-74-400
1-5-8-3โœ…(11/12/2020) 355-36-150
1-4-5-2โœ…(12/12/2020) 346-32-226
๐Ÿ‘‰5 Time Pass Only 1 Fail

3-5-6-7โœ…(14/12/2020) 188-77-223
1-2-3-4โœ…(15/12/2020) 488-03-148
0-4-6-2โœ–๏ธ(16/12/2020) 115-77-467
4-5-7-3โœ…(17/12/2020) 256-32-589
1-0-2-4โœ…(18/12/2020) 290-10-569
1-2-3-8โœ…(19/12/2020) 569-03-670
๐Ÿ‘‰5 Time Pass Only 1 Fail
5-8-0-4โœ…(21/12/2020) 780-54-167
3-2-7-6โœ…(22/12/2020) 188-77-377
1-6-4-2โœ…(23/12/2020) 290-12-444
1-2-4-8โœ…(24/12/2020) 578-08-477
3-8-1-6โœ…(25/12/2020) 157-32-679
5-6-9-1โœ…(26/12/2020) 178-65-500
๐Ÿ‘‰6 Time Total Week Pass

1-4-6-8โœ…(28/12/2020) 579-19-559
8-5-9-1โœ…(29/12/2020) 990-82-660
3-2-1-6โœ…(30/12/2020) 458-71-245
0-5-3-9โœ…(31/12/2020) 690-54-248
1-6-7-2โœ–๏ธ(01/01/2021) 889-55-159
2-3-6-7โœ…(02/01/2021) 680-46-169
๐Ÿ‘‰5 Time Pass Only 1 Fail
3-8-9-0โœ…(04/01/2021) 346-36-880
4-5-1-6โœ…(05/01/2021) 678-18-468
1-6-2-7โœ…(06/01/2021) 330-63-148
5-2-4-8โœ…(07/01/2021) 124-74-680
1-2-3-8โœ…(08/01/2021) 459-82-589
1-6-4-9โœ…(09/01/2021) 120-31-579
๐Ÿ‘‰6 Time Total Week Pass